Guard Drops Intense Music Video For His Latest Hit Single, ‘luvbomb’

Putting his eccentricity on full display, Guard is back with his new indie-pop anthem, “luvbomb”. Also weaving in components of hip-hop and emo-pop, this is an original fueled by alluring guitar melodies and crisp percussion. At the heart of “luvbomb” is Guard and his jaw-dropping vocals. These spellbinding lyrics spread an emotional and introspective message. It examines the psychology of manipulation and relationship toxicity, and how this behavior can be traced to trauma and insecurity.

While “luvbomb” has powerful tropes that shine a spotlight on mental health awareness, the single includes a shocking music video as well. Guard straps his audience in for a chaotic rollercoaster ride of hypnotic soundscapes and eerie visuals. Throughout the music video, there are trippy camera shots and haunting scenes of imagery, like Guard tied to a chair while in a straight jacket.

In its entirety, “luvbomb” is a one-of-a-kind project that will change your perspective on life. Its thematic elements and chilling aura will have music fans leaving the tune on repeat. As immersive as “luvbomb” is, Guard is just getting warmed up in 2023.

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