Interview: Richello Goes In-Depth About Life, Music, & More

Henrik Sæter and Ole Pedersen, making up the duo Richello, have a rich history to tell and years of production experience between the two.

Sharing a common geographic location as they grew up, similarities between the two go beyond a common sense of music style, even both being inspired by acts like Swedish House Mafia and Avicii.

With millions of streams to under their belt and song-writing / production skills unmatched between the two, they together share more details in an exclusive interview seen below.

How do you think growing up in Norway impacted or influenced your producing / writing career (for both)?

The Norwegian music scene is closely connected to the Swedish one, and naturally we grew up listening to a lot of Swedish music. When we heard «Levels» (just called «ID» at the time) by Avicii, we fell in love with the song. Shortly after, we got our first DAW’s and started creating our own music.

Is there a main message or vibe you hope others receive through “All We Are”

Positive vibes for sure! In some sense this song is relatable to the situation we now all find ourselves in; That even if things look bad we always find a way through. Hopefully this track can be a spark of energy and happiness in these difficult times.

How has the pandemic impacted your 2020 music and personal lifestyle?

In Norway the government were pretty early with strict restrictions. All schools were closed and the streets have been extremely quiet. Even though times are difficult, it’s amazing to see how we’re all able to adjust to the circumstances and work together. At the moment we live in Lillehammer, a small town just a couple of hours outside Oslo, where we attend Limpi, a music school founded by Stargate (among others). Due to Covid-19 the school has been closed for a month and we haven’t had access to the school studios. Fortunately we have our own studios at home and we are able to work as usual. In that sense our daily life hasn’t changed that much.

Are Kygo and Avicii big influences for both of you?

Absolutely! As mentioned we started making music after we heard «Levels», so Avicii has influenced us in so many ways. Kygo himself also said that Avicii inspired him. They have both had a huge impact on the dance music scene with the ability to create amazing melodies and high energy tracks. We share that vision and we are trying to do the same thing in our own way.

How does it feel to get support from big YouTube channels and receive millions of plays?

It’s crazy! Seeing the positive response and comments on our own music is something truly special. We love what we do and the fact that other people can enjoy our work is amazing! We are super thankful for all the support!

How does the future look for Richello?

We’re releasing a new single really soon, that we are super excited about! And hopefully we will just continue to release a lot of tracks that can bring people joy and good vibes! We would love to do live sets and be able to play in front of people all over the world, but right now it’s a bit uncertain when we will be able to do that. For us this just means more time in the studio creating music and that’s what we are going to do!