Review: Drishti Beats – “Root Down”

Downtempo, electronic group Drishti Beats returns with the release of their highly-anticipated single – “Root Down.” The track sheds light on the idea of being while establishing a deep connection with one’s physical body, environment, and Mother Earth. Seamlessly fusing a multitude of sounds including downtempo electronic chill,  ethereal violin, conscious hip-hop, and tribal fusion, “Root Down” juxtaposes complex layers of sound with a soothing environmental ambience. The result is the perfect concoction of sonic reverie that embraces the joy of being alive.  

The hard driven, Middle Eastern and global bass-inspired beats are perfectly complimented by rapper Alec’s inspiring and hyphy lyrical flow, as well. 

The result of Drishti Beats’ intentional composing, is an audio experience that transports their audience through a musical yoga journey. In “Root Down”, they create an aural temple where their music cosmically connects to the listener’s breath. Listening to “Root Down” then becomes a layered experience for the individual, that somehow transforms the vast abyss of the universe into a digestible four and a half minutes. 

Listen to “Root Down” on Spotify, here.

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