Mona Released Unique, Epic Single In ‘Nothing Is Dead’

In the vast panorama of rock, MONA’s Nick Brown has always stood out as a singular voice. The undulating energies of ‘Nothing Is Dead’ capture the very spirit of life’s cyclical rhythm. Brown, with his rich history of navigating personal and professional highs and lows, manages to weave a tapestry of sounds that feels like a rebirth.

Originating from Dayton, Ohio, Brown’s move to Nashville not only signaled a shift in his musical journey but in his inspirations as well. He channels his life experiences, evoking memories of their seminal tracks like ‘Teenager’ and ‘Shooting the Moon’. And yet, there’s a freshness to this new release, hinting at new beginnings after a period of introspection.

MONA’s presence on stage — be it at Glastonbury or supporting the Kings of Leon — has always been on point. Their post-indie dynamism and Brown’s versatile collaborations with other artists amplify their reputation.

As the curtains rise on 2023, and the promise of a fresh wave of MONA concerts lingers in the air, ‘Nothing Is Dead’ feels like a prelude — a symphonic reassurance of resilience in a world that’s constantly changing.