Navigating the Ephemeral Soundscapes Of Zeo Guinle’s New EP With Dirty Doering

Embarking on a captivating odyssey, Zeo Guinle once again collaborates with Warung Recordings, unveiling the enchanting EP “This Time.” The release takes on a distinctive twist with a remix by Dirty Doering, injecting a renewed vitality into the track.

Prior to its official debut, eminent figures like Acid Pauli, Adriatique, D-nox, and Robbie Akbal voiced their support for “This Time”. The EP’s anticipation crescendoed with a premiere on Atlantida FM, captivating an eager audience of millions. Following its inaugural presentation, “This Time EP” rapidly gained momentum, securing coveted spots on distinguished charts like the January Best New Melodic House Techno, Weekend Picks Melodic, and Best New Indie Dance on Beatport.

Unveiled on January 26th through Warung Recordings, “This Time” unfolds its sonic narrative with two captivating tracks – the original composition and a remix masterfully crafted by Dirty Doering, the visionary behind Berlin-based label Katermukke. Warung Recordings, celebrated for its association with the illustrious Warung Beach Club, continues to make an indelible mark in the industry, with “This Time” seamlessly integrating into its impressive portfolio.

The original track gracefully unfurls over nearly thirteen minutes, guiding listeners through a melodic progression intertwined with contemplative interjections, immersing them in an ethereal and dream-like atmosphere. At its midpoint, the track reaches a zenith as spatiality yields to pronounced kicks, delivering an immersive sonic expedition.

Dirty Doering’s remix, while retaining the essence of the original, introduces a digital and synthesized reinterpretation. Laden with peaks and an impactful approach, the remix infuses an industrial edge onto the dance floor, showcasing Dirty Doering’s profound expertise and cultural resonance. Dirty Doering, also known as Velten Doering, emerges as a catalyst for change, seamlessly embodying roles as a visionary entrepreneur and DJ. His remix of “This Time” not only pays homage to the original but also transcends sonic boundaries, leaving an enduring imprint on electronic music enthusiasts.

For an immersive exploration into the sonic realms sculpted by Zeo Guinle and Dirty Doering, be sure to delve into both artists’ discography on Spotify!