Point Blank Music School LA Launches Thrilling New Program, ‘Acting On Screen’

When it comes to getting the best education in music, it is widely known that Point Blank is the optimal choice. This cutting-edge school has been at the peak of its industry since its creation almost 30 years ago. Since then, it has developed into a platform that helps turn up-and-coming producers, DJs, and other musical figures into advanced professionals.

Applying the same level of quality teaching and engagement with students, Point Blank has launched its newest venture, Acting On Screen. This program redefines the acting process by breaking it into an abundance of detailed lessons and hands-on learning. On top of the course curriculum, Point Blank has made a broad spectrum of resources available for its acting pupils. They will be allowed to utilize the organization’s Content Creation Studio and Project Studios to film their own auditions, projects, and scenes. Another crucial resource is the meetings with Point Blank’s Student Services Advisor that will be provided.

With this many features, it is hard to imagine what else Acting On Screen would bring to the table. To answer that question, they have named successful British actor Adam Levy (renowned for his roles in popular shows like Netflix’s The Witcher) as head of the program. So whether you want to be in movies or TV, go to maps on your phone and search ‘Hollywood Near Me’ to see Acting On Screen pop up as a top pick for education in its field.