Vale!ULB Unveils “Sube” Salsa Remix: A Fusion of Latin Energy and Traditional Rhythms

Vale!ULB unveils their latest musical endeavor with the release of the “Sube” salsa remix, following their debut single “Sube El Nivel.” Produced by four-time Grammy Award winner Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, the remix seamlessly blends the infectious energy of the original track with traditional salsa elements, resulting in an irresistibly fresh sound.

Comprising Valeria “Val” Vargas, Darius “Deezle” Harrison, Anier Alonso, Emiliano Torres, and Alberto “Friki” Torres, Vale!ULB has carved a niche for themselves in the Latin music scene with their catchy melodies, dynamic styles, and relatable lyrics, earning them a dedicated fanbase and acclaim for their electrifying live performances.

“Sube El Nivel” served as Vale!ULB’s introduction to audiences, delivering empowering lyrics encouraging listeners to elevate themselves while igniting dance floors with its infectious rhythm and lively chorus.

The salsa remix breathes new life into “Sube El Nivel” by infusing it with the rich sounds of traditional salsa music, featuring vibrant horns and intricate live percussion, skillfully integrated by Mayito’s production talents. This fusion not only appeals to salsa enthusiasts but also resonates with music lovers across genres worldwide.