Vinny Vibe & James Kennedy Team Up On Festival/Club-Ready Sizzler ‘Ride Like This’

In the world of tech house music, Vinny Vibe and James Kennedy have joined forces to create something special. Their upcoming release, called “Ride Like This,” blends their unique styles together in a beautiful manner that will speak to the people. The track has an energetic rhythm that captures the essence of club music right to it’s core.

Vinny Vibe is known for his popular songs and the melodic tunes he plays on his radio show, “Good Vibes.” He has worked with well-known music labels like Spinnin‘, Mixmash, and Revealed. James Kennedy, on the other hand, started as a reality star on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and has successfully transitioned into a music producer. Together, they bring a lively and groovy energy to their music and reach a wide, diverse audience.

Hype around the release has already been built via industry figures behind the scene. It has the potential to take over the club scene and become that summer banger people make memories around. Folks are excited to see what Vibe and Kennedy will create together in the future, many hoping this isn’t a one time deal. The official release of “Ride Like This” is on July 14th, and it’s more than just a song—it’s an experience that will make its mark – don’t miss out.