Alan Walker Returns with Nostalgic Single ‘Dreamer’

Norwegian superstar Alan Walker returns with his first 2023 release, “Dreamer,” a nostalgic track that harkens back to his early breakthrough singles like “Faded,” “Sing Me To Sleep,” and “Alone.” Created in just 100 hours after a Twitter poll showed fans wanted a return to his roots, “Dreamer” is a tribute to Walker’s community and early supporters. Like his past classics, “Dreamer” is beautifully layered, with harmonies reminiscent of choral ensembles, giving the song an otherworldly, transcendent quality. The production is meticulously crafted, like all of Walker’s past outputs.

This return to form is a nostalgic hit that comes at the perfect time as we see the resurgence of sounds of the past making their grand re-appearance back on the main stage.