Event Safety Alliance (ESA) publishes new safety guidelines for the reopening of events and venues

The Event Safety Alliance, abbreviated ESA, has issued a reopening guide for event organizers to properly implement the necessary sanitary and health precautions ahead of reopening doors in the coming months.

Comprised of over 300 touring professionals, the non-profit created the 29-page document in an effort to provide safety protocols for organizers and venues as various states and cities begin to lift their shelter-in-place restrictions. The guide is divided into eight sections, which touches upon a number of topics including when the ESA recommends it is safe to reopen, how to educate event-goers ahead of time, worker health, responding to confirmed COVID-19 cases, sanitizing the venue, production issues, and more.

Amongst the recommendations, the ESA suggests venues to implement temperature screenings and to install hand-washing stations at all entry points. While the guide extensively describes the various precautions that can be taken once events and venues are able to reopen, one thing is for certain: the experience of live events will change drastically in the post-quarantine. Prospective event-goers can read all of the ESA’s guidelines here.

Featured image: Rukes