Hundreds flout social distancing guidelines to attend illegal Las Vegas rave

Elusive promoters by the name of “Malum Geminos” are behind a July 4 multi-stage Las Vegas desert rave that attracted music enthusiasts by the masses, despite health concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines actively enforced by the state of Nevada.

Footage from the illicit, ticketed event, known to attendees as “The Final Fuse,” has since been shared by KSNV News 3 and shows a densely packed crowd of event goers dancing in the dark. Meanwhile, confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to climb in Nevada, with 4,368 cases reported in the last seven days, according to Southern Nevada Health District data.

Notably, the illegal rave phenomenon is not limited to Las Vegas. Various unapproved electronic music events have also been hosted in the United Kingdom “out of frustration” stemming from a lack of access to clubs and festivals, said Carl Cox, who recently shared his perspective on illegal events happening around the world.

Featured image: Matthew Spong