Juelz unveils debut album ‘Floorspace’ on Sable Valley

At long last, Juelz‘ debut album has landed. Made up of 15 Sable Valley tracks, the Floorspace tracklist had been gradually throughout the first half of the year and it represents the largest, most intricate body of work that Juelz had put forth to date. Led by “THE POWER!,” “Moondance,” “Freefall,” and “Surrender,” Floorspace can only be described as a career-defining moment for Juelz and is representative of the sonic elements that tie his entire artist project together.

Throughout all 15 of its tracks, the unique production and passion that Juelz has continually shown are able to shine brightly, spanning all corners of the trap spectrum and beyond. Each track from the “Fingertips” opening down to “Surrender” is one piece of evidence after another that Juelz is one of the most refreshing talents that dance music has to offer in 2023. And Floorspace will be celebrated in person on June 30, with a headline show alongside Brownies and Lemonade happening at Los Angeles’ Telegram Ballroom. Juelz spoke with Dancing Around about the meaning behind his debut album and the process to reach its final form, explaining,

“Floorspace is my maximalist magnum opus. It feels so crazy to get this body of work out in the world. Sonically, this album is more or less the refinement of the Juelz sound that’s been built over the last 5 years, with a bit of branching out into new territory. Although only 2 years, it feels like the writing process of this album has occurred over so many different chapters of my life. Since starting to write this album I’ve quit my day job, been broke, had a quarter-life crisis, fallen out of love, fallen in love, played some of the biggest shows of my career, explored a bunch of new places and made a ton of new friends – all of that has served as the inspiration for this album. As I’ve been showing people this album I’m often asked what Floorspace means.. It’s an allusion to the dancefloor, given that this is one of my more dance music leaning projects, but beyond that Floorspace means having the creative room to do what I want and I think the songs off this album are both directly and indirectly products of that.”

Featured image: Juelz/Instagram