New study finds nearly 70% of concertgoers support mask mandates at shows

A new study conducted by music marketing research company MusicWatch revealed that nearly 70% of concertgoers support mask mandates at shows.

The survey reported that out of 753 concert goers, just 6% would choose not to attend a show that has implemented COVID-19 safety protocols, such as the use of masks, proof of a negative test result, and/or proof of vaccination. 15% reported that they would trust fans to use their “common sense” when it comes to wearing a mask and upon attending.

The study also found that of those surveyed, 70% had received two doses of the vaccine and 80% of the double-vaccinated had already attended a show. Nearly 30% of respondents said they were unvaccinated and would consider not attending concerts and venues enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols.

Earlier this month, Live Nation implemented a nationwide policy that requires all attendees to present proof of vaccination or a negative test result at its venues and associated events. Meanwhile, the UK government re-considered the use of vaccine passports in English nightclubs, but stated that if COVID-19 cases continue to rise, clubs and venues will need to potentially prepare for vaccine passports, although cities in the US such as New York and Los Angeles have already implemented them.

Via: Music Watch

Featured image: The Associated Press