The Prodigy's Maxim shares new music and art project with London artist Dan Pearce

Founding member of The Prodigy, Maxim, and London artist Dan Pearce have teamed up for a new music and art project to be displayed at London’s 99 Projects gallery. Designed to comment on the ongoing pandemic, a young boy made in the image of Pearce’s son is seen in full biohazard gear as he prepares to pull the pin from a resin grenade. A small heart acts as a display of “Hope” to symbolize the vaccine.

A short film and four-track EP of Maxim’s accompany the sculpture, with the short film depicting the story behind the sculpture. The EP is only available on bespoke memory cards that are located inside of the sculptures. Speaking on the collaboration, Maxim said,

“Making this has been exciting. And it was really special to have a cameo, playing somebody who was homeless and was also an angel. We are in times of uncertainty, but I believe the answer to our problems is the four letter word, ‘love.’”

The Prodigy currently has a documentary in the works, which will be produced by Maxim, Liam Howlett, and Pulse Films. Including live and archival footage, animation, and sit-downs with the band’s members, the documentary is set to depict The Prodigy’s rise to fame in the ’80s UK rave scene. The band’s frontman Keith Flint passed away in 2019 after taking his own life, with the upcoming documentary set to be dedicated to him.

The Prodigy’s Maxim shares new music and art project with London artist Dan PearceMaim Prodigy Dan Pearce Project Hope

H/T: DJ Mag

Featured image: The Shortlisted