Toniia & Duncan use electronica to cure a ‘Broken Heart’

Hailing from Germany, renowned DJ and producer Toniia brings to light his eagerly awaited single “Broken Heart,” a collaboration with American singer and songwriter Duncan. Toniia’s latest comes hot on the heels of his recent successful streak on Tipsy Records, and with “Broken Heart,” he once again demonstrates his knack for delivering captivating electronic pop numbers.

An undeniable crowd-pleaser, “Broken Heart” is a rich tapestry of relaxed melodies punctuated by a high-energy chorus. Duncan’s narratively rich vocals delve into the pain of severe heartbreak and the struggle to move on, striking a chord that many listeners will find relatable. The track sees Toniia’s distinctive production finesse blending seamlessly with Duncan’s emotive vocals, resulting in an ouput that will appeal to fans of both pop and EDM. The song stands as another testament to Toniia’s impressive production range and is set to become a summertime favorite with its intoxicating synths and dance-pop hooks.