Vicetone Drops Catchy Dance-Pop Crossover ‘Dopamine Junkie’ with Ben Samama

US-based Dutch phenoms, Vicetone presents their latest track, “Dopamine Junkie,” featuring the talents of fellow Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Ben Samama. While the song is crafted for easy listening, it pays tribute to a feeling every music enthusiast can relate to – getting lost in the experience of a perfect tune. The duo sets the stage with organic guitar instrumentals, paving the way for the track’s breezy melodies, smooth rhythms, and emotive vocals. Drawing inspiration from the euphoric sensation that comes from a perfectly-timed drop, Vicetone’s “Dopamine Junkie” features captivating melodies that weave throughout the entire song. The track masterfully blends basslines, guitars, piano, and Ben Samama’s vocals to create a groove-infused dance record while maintaining the distinct sound that Vicetone is known for. The duo’s goal was to immerse listeners in the entrancing tunes, echoing the feeling of being a “dopamine junkie” when the music reaches its peak.

The track offers a sneak peek into Vicetone’s upcoming 4-track EP, scheduled for release this summer and accompanied by a global EP-themed tour.