Mix Session Hip Hop Release Of The Day: Yolo Ru Delivers A New Tape ‘Real Monsters’ (MUST LISTEN)

​​After the release of self-imposed hit “Got It On Me” Yolo Ru has been chewing up another banger for his fans. A must listen mix session hip hop release of the day, something to get the core DJ’s fired up. 

Real Monsters marks a new creative epoch for Yolo Ru, as he soulfully experiences his inner rapper. Drawing on a multitude of influences, such as Jay Z, he delivers an infectious 17-track collection that explores and pushes the limits of his sound.

Both light and evocative, the track “Pedigree” is luxurious arrangements and beats permeate the track from start to finish. With jaunty hooks and striking synths, the warm basslines blend effortlessly. The tunes pair seamlessly with the vocal talents of Yolo Ru.

Hefty lyrics delivered with powerful vocals make an efficacious and unique soulful mixtape vibes.

Check out his Instagram and Spotify for more on his releases.