Watch: On Sum Bullsh%t Newest Video "Runway"

Renowned LA rap duo (made up of D5 and Smokeone) OSBS's latest video "Runway," directed by L.A.'s Swagggyr (Black Sky Studios), is an abstract dream-like experience, with beautiful women wearing costumes, stacks of money, and neon signs illuminating the debauchery. The original plan when Smoke and D5 connected with Swagggyr was to shoot footage for a different track, but when they saw the abstract location they wanted to capture the spirit of a longer experience from their album. As Smokeone explained, "We were actually supposed to shoot the video for the 'Marathon Intro' but when we got to the spot we saw all the art…we decided we needed to shoot 'Runway' instead." Trippy backgrounds and animal masks set a bizarre scene for this melodic single, with lyrics detailing a lifestyle of non-stop moves, seven days a week:

I met that b***h on a Monday/ Walked that one right down the runway/ I am not scared of the gunplay/ I give a f**k what your son say

Despite their youth and the challenges they've faced, OSBS has already delivered two full-length projects that have amazing features and a fiercely smooth sound, 2018's No Cap and the just-released Parental Advisory. Record label mates of the late legend Nipsey Hussle, OSBS has just the right mix of youthful originality and hard-earned wisdom—a combination that has destined them for success. In "Runway," they speak on the value they place on authenticity (N****as don't live what they preach), and as D5 explains, "People will portray something they not. In life, it's important to know the difference." Listen to "Runway" and the rest of Parental Advisory here.