Learn How Curbi’s “Whip It” Was Made In This Video

“Whip It” is one of many fun rides that established DJ/producer Curbi has cooked up over the years. The clear technicality heard within can strike curiosity as to how to actually form something like-wise on your own computer, that’s where Point Blank Music School comes in. Releasing a riveting video details front to back of how to piece the puzzle together.

Curbi continues to bring the party to the table, having already released 2 tracks in 2020 and still clocking in nearly a million plays per month.

Point Blank Music School offers music classes all over the world, though focusing currently on the online side of things until early summer. The amount of successful artists who have who have stepped out of PBMS and into success are countless, their ripple impacting genres from dubstep and bass to pop.