Adriatique launch ‘X’ Recordings with ‘The Future Is Unknown’

Adriatique—the Swiss electronic duo renowned for their anthemic and mesmerizing productions—have now introduced their newest endeavor, X Recordings. The new imprint is brought to light with Adriatique’s inaugural single, “The Future Is Unknown” featuring the stunning vocals of Delhia de France. One of Adriatique’s most-requested IDs, “The Future Is Unknown” creates a spirited energy through the use of progressive bass lines. As an extension of their immersive live event series, Adriatique present X, the label aims to channel the duo’s enigmatic musical vision into an auditory experience that continues to push boundaries of the mind.

With a meteoric rise since its inception in December 2022, Adriatique present X has hosted unforgettable live performances at prestigious venues globally, from the atmospheric Brooklyn Mirage in New York to the vibrant setting of Pacha Ibiza. The ‘X’ symbolizes a confluence of reflections and duality, signifying Adriatique’s commitment to celebrating contemporary artistry while embracing the unknown territories of future soundscapes. Comprised of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, the duo’s history of innovative releases and acclaimed remixes has set the stage for this new chapter, positioning X Recordings as a testament to their ongoing musical evolution. Stream “The Future Is Unknown” below.

Featured image: Courtesy of Press