Cash Cash return with early emo sound on ‘Bleach (move on)’

Emerging from a nearly two-year sabbatical since their triumphant return with “Anyway,” featuring RuthAnne earlier in January, the platinum-status trio, Cash Cash, shakes things up once again. Their output is a heart-stirring, yet hopeful single titled “Bleach (move on).” The guys effortlessly weave together the raw emotion of the early days of emo with the pulsating energy of electronic dance music. It’s a daring fusion that the veteran electronic ensemble skillfully brings to life.

A nostalgic twinge a the early 2000s sound, “Bleach (move on)” kicks off with impassioned, soul-bearing vocals from Jean Paul exploring the complexities of mental health. Yet, before long, Cash Cash deftly folds in their hallmark sound, injecting the chorus and interludes with their lively, progressive rhythm. It’s first time lending his vocals to a Cash Cash track. Alongside his brother Alex and longtime friend Sam, they conjure up a deeply moving anthem that is poised to echo across radio waves, electrify summer festival crowds, and bring you back to the golden days of emo.