Experts warn crowdsurfing and mosh pits are over in the social distancing era

As the world faces inconsistencies when it comes to the reopening of countries and states amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more organizations are taking it upon themselves to release studies and findings on the safest way for reopening and life resumption to occur. The latest organization to join in the information sharing is the US-based Event Safety Alliance. Certain states have allowed for reopenings while others have extended their stay-at-home-orders. Concert organizers like Live Nation have publicly announced that they will do limited capacity concert testing in states like Arkansas that have reopened. Amid the announcement that concerts could resume as soon as May 18, the Event Safety Alliance have released new guidelines for safe social distancing at concerts until a vaccine for COVID-19 is created and distributed.

Among the guidance shared in the full Event Safety Alliance’s Reopening Guide is that mosh pits and crowdsurfing go against social distancing guidelines that will be necessary to uphold until a vaccine is created. While concerts resuming are a non-option in a majority of states and countries, the Event Safety Alliance’s guidelines are certainly advice that should be taken in the event that large public gatherings and concerts resume.

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