Lane 8 calls off winter early with 21 IDs on his ‘Spring 2023 Mixtape’

Over the past year, Lane 8 had been signaling the official first date of each season past the time that the North American calendar calls for. But for the This Never Happened boss’ first seasonal outing of the 2023 calendar, he returned back to his old release form. And in doing so, Lane 8 marked March 2—nearly three weeks ahead of spring’s observed start date—as the day that winter would come to a full stop with his “Spring 2023 Mixtape.”

Ahead of his return to San Diego’s Waterfront Park for CRSSD’s spring edition, Lane 8 shook up the seasonal calendar with a three-hour mix delivery. As per usual, there’s 19 unlabeled IDs—including Jerro’s next single “Give It Up” with Lyrah that’s due March 9—that follow its pair of opening unreleased cuts along with selections from Yotto’s new album, Cristoph, Joseph Ray, Tailor and Robby East, EMBRZ, and many more. Celebrate that winter is officially over with Lane 8’s “Spring 2023 Mixtape” below.

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Featured image: Fixation Photograpy