Vintage Culture, Elderbrook team up and ‘Talk It Over’

At last, Elderbrook and Vintage Culture have merged talents to create their emotive new single. A long time coming, “Talk It Over” showcases the multitalented vocals and production skills of Elderbrook, while Vintage Culture adds heaviness to the rolling bassline. Ever since Vintage Culture first remixed Elderbrook’s “Why Do We Shake In The Cold?” back in 2020, listeners have been anticipating a collaboration between the two prominent and distinctly stylized producers.

With yearning and passionate lyrics, “Talk It Over” is the ideal single to be released before Elderbrook’s upcoming album Little Love, set for release at the end of March. Fairly disparate to Vintage Culture’s recent dive into melodic techno, “Talk It Over” tells a story of cinematic proportions, rather than a single designed for the club. Using deep, soulful synths, “Talk It Over” is a rousing progressive house tune. Building upon the momentum already garnered for Little Love, “Talk It Over” is the fourth single set for release on the LP, and likely one of the final songs to be shared before the release in full. Stream “Talk It Over” below.

Featured image: Elderbook/Instagram