Lightning in a Bottle faces lawsuit over event cancellation and refund policy

California’s Lightning in a Bottle officially announced that the 2020 iteration of the festival would not go on in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic restrictions. Lightning in a Bottle is one of many events that have been cancelled or postponed due to the global crisis, however the festival announced that it would not be refunding ticket-holders as a result of the cancellation.

Many festivals and events that have cancelled have promised that 2020 tickets will carry over to 2021 editions of the events or they have willingly offered refunds. The Do LaB event is now facing a lawsuit in light of the festival’s inability to provide refunds or promise that purchased tickets will transfer over for admission to a future event. Lightning in a Bottle’s initial statement can be viewed below, explaining that the festival is a small independent company that is unable to weather the financial storm that has occurred since it doesn’t have large corporate backing. Do LaB Inc. revealed that their insurance coverage also did not protect the festival’s expenses that had already been spent on the 2020 iteration of the event, putting the festival in an even more precarious financial situation.

The lawsuit that has been filed is Rutledge v. Do LaB Inc., and the plaintiff asserted three causes of action against the festival organizer. The lawsuit was filed on March 24, 2020, so it remains to be seen whether these allegations will be successful against Lightning in a Bottle’s organizer.

Photo Credit: Aaron Glassman