Switzerland loosens lockdown restrictions, clubs to re-open with limited capacities

Switzerland is the latest country to announce that it is simplifying and lifting most of their remaining restrictions introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19. Currently gatherings of up to 300 are allowed and as parts of the restriction lift, gatherings of up to 1,000 people will soon be allowed. Large gatherings will only be allowed provided contact tracing can be guaranteed.

With the loosening restrictions, Switzerland has been able to lead the way in re-opening its clubs. While the country aims to increase capacity from 300 to 1,000 people, clubs will need to separate people into sections of 300. The sections of 300 are allowed to take place without any social distancing rules as long as all attendees consent to this upon entry and provide their contact details.

New cases in Switzerland have now fallen to the low double figures per day, with the government stating, “the current situation is no longer comparable to the situation at the beginning of the year.” Per Resident Advisor‘s list of events, Switzerland has slowly been adding more shows to the calendar as the country returns to normalcy.

Featured image: Newspeak