Ahmad Taher and His Company Research Warrant Provide Marketing for Artists and Record Labels

Ahmad Taher is the founder and owner of Research Warrant, a music marketing agency for major record labels and artists. After leaving university to chase his own dreams, he began to learn about artist growth and the tricks to scaling the music industry at the encouragement of his musician friends. It became a passion, and soon he moved to Los Angeles to begin acquiring music clients while continuing his learning of the industry.

Ahmad has built a name for himself through his work with artists like Young Dolph on Dum and Dummer and his management of Lil XXEL, who soon had stars like Addison Rae and Charlie D’Amelio dancing to his songs. Now, he has had the opportunity to work with icons such as Alicia Keys, Lil Durk, $uicdeboy$, Lil Baby, 6ix9ine, among others.

Ahmad spoke recently about how he builds his client’s trust saying, “I think the biggest thing with clients is managing expectations. You need to be able to stand on the deliverables you provide, and we try and go above and beyond for our clients. In the early stages of a relationship, it’s important for them to feel like you’re on the same team, and a lot of our competitors are much more transactional with people, but if the client succeeds with us, then we all win. A lot of our current clients have been getting wins with me before the inception of Research Warrant, and it’s because we’ve been on the same team for years. I’ve taken losses on campaigns to make sure they perform well. You need to have a team ecosystem with the people you work with.”

These relationships have gotten Ahmad and Research Warrant to where they are today and are sure to take them to new heights. He is currently working on promoting exciting young talent and some big partnerships.

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