Budweiser Remakes The ‘Whassup’ Commerical with D-Nice, D-Wade, And Others

Back in 1999, Budweiser lowkey gave us the first Instagram live with the now infamous whassup commercial. If you don’t remember the classic commercial, take a look below.

Budweiser is bringing it back again with some big names: Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, Candace Parker, Chris Bosh, and DJ D-Nice. They’re all on a group video chat like Zoom and asking each other WASSSSSSUPP!

What makes the remake so dope is towards the end of the commercial, they remind us to check in and check up on one another, especially during these tough times.

Budweiser partnered with the Salvation Army for this public service campaign, helping to promote a nationwide hotline the organization started this month without a ton of publicity behind it. The ad flashes information and the toll-free number at the end of the commercial.

“During times of crisis, feelings of isolation and fear can be overwhelming, and we want people to know there’s someone here to listen,” said David Hudson, National Commander of The Salvation Army. “The unknown is the hardest part, but thanks to Budweiser, more people will know that they’re not alone. We’re going to get through this—together.”

A second episode Commerical featuring Wade, Union, and other stars will premiere later this month.

Times like this, we all could use a great laugh and a cold one to keep our sanity together.