Joe Budden Claps Back at Cam’ron After “Crackhead” Diss on Instagram


Cam’ron hit Instagram this week and sparked up his previous beef with Joe Budden. Sharing an older podcast clip from The Joe Budden podcast, Cam seemed to take offense to the show’s guest, N.O.R.E., calling out rappers who are making sports shows and other forms of media content. As of late, Cam and Ma$e have found a new level of popularity for their sports show.

Sharing the clip online, Cam had a message for N.O.R.E. and the JBP host who he referred to as “Hoe Buddons.”

“Damn @therealnoreaga told you I couldn’t trust you. Lolol. Im just fucking wit ya. But what other rapper from the 90’s got the sports and cooking show? 🤔U know u my nigga for life. But ya man hoe buddons threw u under the bus on the very Nx episode 🤦🏾‍♂️said he didn’t know who u was talking bout. I don’t give a fuck how his numbers is N.O. Stay away from that crack head!!!!”

Joe hit Instagram stories with a swift reply.


“Now that nigga know he too sensitive to do this w me. Chill before I feel like playin’ back & you start makin’ calls again. Focus on your suits and pink set, that ‘crackhead’ lapped you lonnggggggggggg ago.”