Jonasu And Norma Jean Martine Unveil Emotional Anthem ‘Die For Me’ In Powerful Collaboration

Renowned German multi-platinum certified music producer, songwriter, and artist Jonasu joins forces with Berlin-based powerhouse songwriter Norma Jean Martine to deliver an explosive EDM hit, “Die For Me.”

With their combined musical prowess, the duo is set to captivate global audiences with an epic and dramatic journey through pulsating beats and soul-stirring vocals.

Prepare for a sonic voyage as Jonasu, the up and coming German star, and the talented artist & songwriter Norma Jean Martine join forces to unveil their latest creation, ‘Die For Me.’ This electrifying winter anthem is a fusion of Jonasu’s infectious beats and Martine’s soul-stirring vocals. Opening with an epic synthesiser loop, the track evolves into a high-energy spectacle, creating a big room sound
enveloping listeners in an immersive musical experience. Amidst the sonic intensity, indiscernible vocals and choir samples gracefully dancing over the percussive elements, ‘Die For Me’ is not just a song – it’s an electronic odyssey that showcases the duo’s unique collaboration and international appeal.

Jonasu mentions: “I am really happy and proud of how this song turned out. Sonically, I was exploring new territories, combining timbres of trance, techno, and electronica. High energy uptempo dance music with pop sensibility. It all started with a synthesiser loop, which I gave the working title ‘Interstellar’. The synthesiser just felt epic and gigantic and reminded me of the visuals of the movie. When writing the song, my cowriters and I wanted the song to be as epic and dramatic as the loop: how far would you go for your loved ones? How much of yourself are you willing to give up? ‘Die For Me’ was born. Melodies and words fell in place within an hour, and we all loved what was just
created. Norma and I have been working together for a couple of years, so I am very happy to finally release a song together with her. Her voice is just the perfect fit for this epic and dramatic song.”

“Die For Me” stands as a groundbreaking collaboration between German EDM sensation Jonasu and Berlin-based songwriter Norma Jean Martine. Jonasu’s meteoric rise in the pop and dance music scene, marked by multi-platinum certifications and a Brit Award nomination, converges with Martine’s seasoned songwriting finesse, boasting credits on chart-topping hits. The track is a journey that showcases Jonasu’s infectious beats and Martine’s emotive vocals, enveloping listeners in a high-energy, atmospheric experience. With dominating bass lines, soaring synths, and rhythmic interplay, “Die For Me” is a dynamic showcase of their collective genius. This collaboration cements
Jonasu and Norma Jean Martine as forces to be reckoned with in the global music landscape, promising an exhilarating sonic adventure that transcends boundaries.