Miguel Performs During Body Suspension, Temporary Piercings Through Back Skin

Grammy-winning artist Miguel and Sony joined forces for an exclusive night of boundary-pushing music and entertainment on Friday, Aug. 25, at the “Viscera Experience.” The invite-only event, hosted at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, transcended artistic norms, delivering an immersive encounter beyond expectations. Attendees, including Lena Waithe, Evan Ross, and James Charles, were treated to a sneak peek of Miguel’s highly anticipated album, Viscera.

Miguel’s fifth studio album delves into change, risk-taking, and the boundaries he’ll challenge for art. The “Viscera Experience” showcased this evolution with a daring performance that defied conventions. Miguel performed four tracks, incorporating jaw-dropping stunts such as body manipulation and skin piercing, leaving the audience in awe. The interactive event blended art, technology, and music, offering a truly immersive encounter.

Fans worldwide also enjoyed an exclusive live stream on Veeps, witnessing Miguel’s triumphant return and previewing his forthcoming album. With “Viscera,” Miguel proves he’ll go to great lengths “For The Music,” further solidifying his artistic legacy.


You can see images from the performance below.

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