Nas Expands His Portfolio Set To Become Co-Owner of Escobar Cigars

“Escobar season begins,” as heard on King’s Disease II.

Nasir “Nas” Jones is continuing to expand his portfolio with his latest venture in the cigar industry. The New York native and legendary rapper will serve as a co-owner and equity partner in Escobar Cigars.

Escobar Cigars and its parent company, Puros Privados, launched in 2018. The company’s headquarters, the Escobar Factory is based in Estelí, Nicaragua. The brand currently offers two lines, the Escobar Natural and Escobar Maduro.

According to the brands website, each line boasts five different varieties, all dependent on the user’s personal taste and interest.

In a written statement Nas shared enthusiasm of his new VC investment.

“When the team at Escobar Cigars initially approached me, I was immediately drawn to the brand by the exceptional quality of their product.”

Nas continued, “This partnership with Escobar has been almost two years in the making and I am honored to be an equity partner with them. I am looking forward to growing this brand and to giving back to the local communities in Nicaragua where our tobacco is grown, aged, and hand-rolled into a premium cigar.”

Nas also the co-founder of Mass Appeal Records is building an expansive portfolio through his VC firm QueensBridge. According to reports his portfolio includes over 100 companies. The firm has invested in companies such as stock trading platform Robinhood Markets Inc., crypto exchange Coinbase Global Inc., cloud storage firm DropBox Inc. and ride-hailing service Lyft Inc. Which are now all public companies.

Nas is an architect of culture and he continues to grow the business of Hip-Hop.

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Source: Escobar Cigars