Nipsey Hussle’s Kids To Own Marathon Clothing Store Building


Nipsey Hussle will forever be remembered as a mogul, not just in the rap game but as a businessman. Now, it seems his children will be carrying the torch.

Recently, Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam, who also served as his business partner, went on the Earn Your Leisure podcast alongside the All Money In team. The interview included the artists signed to Nipsey’s label, including Cobby Supreme, BH, and Pacman Da Gunman. 

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During the conversation, Sam addressed setting up Nipsey’s children for ownership with his Marathon clothing store located in Crenshaw. This doesn’t just mean having them run the business, but teaching the value in owning real estate and property — something Nipsey always advocated for. 


Sam states, “When I say we own it, it’s in Hussle’s kids’ names. In their trust funds. When they get older, this is something their father worked for, and that they own, and that’s important to me. Also, just having a brick-and-mortar, once again to reinforce what Hussle told us, and taught us. 

He continued, “Through the ups and downs of business and brands: whether you’re shit boomin’ online or slows down, just having that brick and mortar and being able to pass it down through the family I think is important. To me, that’s the importance of us owning this property.”

Sam goes on to reveal the property has already doubled in monetary value since they first acquired it.

Regarding Nipsey’s family, Nipesy’s ex Tanisha Foster continues to fight for custody over their 14-year-old daughter Emani, with plans to go to trial in April. Foster recently took to social media to reveal her sentiments about the situation, stating, “I miss my child’s father. I wish he was here to see my accomplishments. It’s almost 4 years of him being gone so just think how I feel. I met him in my teens, and he been my roll dog ever since. I spoke with him 30 mins [sic] b4 [sic] his death. I was one of the last persons he spoke with. I wish I was there I would have took those bullets.”

Nipsey shares another child named Kross with Lauren London.