SOURCE SPORTS: Charles Barkley to Sell Off Memorabilia Including 93 MVP Trophy to Help Build Affordable Housing in His Hometown

While everyone is freaked out over the Coronavirus outbreak, Charles Barkley is getting ready to tackle another growing problem in this country.

Barkley wants to help build affordable housing in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama. One way Barkley wants to help with that goal is by selling off some of his old selling some of his memorabilia, including his 1993 MVP trophy.

Barkley revealed the news on WJOX 94.5, as USA Today points out, expressing a desire to help out the community of his hometown.

“We probably got 30 eyesores, as I call them, where houses used to be when I was growing up. Either a rotted-out house or there are just weeds that have overgrown,” Barkley explained. “So, what I’m trying to do—I want to work with the city of Leeds, I want them to give me the spaces, number one. I want them to give me the houses, and I’m going to use my own money selling my memorabilia.” 

Barkley got the idea of selling his memorabilia from former 76ers coach Billy Cunningham. He also has an autograph deal with Panini America, and one of their representatives told Barkley he was sitting on a fortune in memorabilia.

Barkley’s gesture of good faith will go over well in his hometown. Affordable housing is a subject that not everyone seems to know how to address. Sir Charles simply wants to see his hometown be great again.