SOURCE SPORTS: Kentucky Fan Caught On Video Screaming a Racial Slur to a Black Fan and Offers Weak Apology

In the latest installment of you played yourself, a Kentucky Wildcats fan has issued an apology after being caught on video shouting a racial slur at a rival fan on Tuesday night.

The slur took place toward the end of the Wildcats’ Tuesday night loss to the Tennessee Volunteers. One attendee started filming two UK fans who were seen leaving after Kentucky blew a 17-point in the second-half, leading Tennessee to an 81-73 victory. 

After the video went viral, a woman named Ashley Lyles apparently reached out on social media and said it was her in the videos. She then wrote a statement of apology.

“My reaction after the game was unacceptable, period. It was against all the values of the University and the state of Kentucky. I humbly apologize to the individuals at which my words were directed,” writes Lyles, “My words were hurtful and hateful and have no place in this world. I apologize to the University and state of Kentucky for the embarrassment I have caused. I want my apology not just to be in words, but in actions moving forward.”

Her apology was weak and her first reaction is exactly how she really feels. Just goes to show you just how some folks will react in the heat of the moment.

No word yet if the University of Kentucky will take action toward Lyles considering she isn’t a season ticket holder.