#YangGangNYC Pushes Andrew Yang for Mayor Unless He Goes #BidenorBust

Mayor Andrew Yang… Has a Ring to It…

Former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang might not get the POTUS seat in 2020, but that does not mean he won’t consider an executive position elsewhere.

According to Emma O’Connor from Buzzfeed, he told her flat out when she asked about running for mayor of New York City that he was definitely considering it. He said, “You know, we’re looking at it.”

The New York Times must have gotten whiff of it because they are reporting that Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s advisers have already contacted Yang about a potential mayoral campaign.

While sitting with the ladies on the popular (seemingly potential political show) The View, he opened up publicly about a possible run.

Co-host comedienne Joy Behar prodded the leader of the #Yanggang about the rumors and she said. “I’m looking to solve problems and add as much value as I can. Certainly, I’m more attracted to executive roles than I am legislative roles.”

Whoopi seems to think he would definitely know how to handle it, and so does Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, who told TMZ that he was a “sweetheart” and a “genuine” person, “Something we don’t see that often.”

As it seems he is making his rounds, he stopped by TMZ and talk about the potential run and how he may even consider running with Vice President Joe Biden as his Veep choice. He said that he is interested in a political position that is a— he wants a high-impact executive role somewhere— and would definitely work with Biden if he is called to lead alongside.

Yang’s recent press tour is to promote his new non-profit group called Humanity Forward, with the mission of implementing policies to build a more “human-centered America.”