[WATCH] Megan Thee Stallion Details Visiting The Carters’ Home ‘It Looked Like A Museum’

Megan Thee Stallion has had a crazy week and she hit the Breakfast Club to talk about everything circulating in the blogs. The Houston-bred rapper spilled tea on visiting the Carters’ and finding out her contract was unfair. After going back and forth with her label, Carl Crawford, J Prince and why Jay-Z’s name keeps being mentioned. She addresses her major contract dispute and finally releases her new EP ‘Suga’. 

The self-proclaimed ‘Hot Girl’—-who says it’s still a hot girl summer and also discusses how she wants to finish college and open a health facility and also making her mom and grandma proud. She also reveals her first time meeting Beyonce at their home for the New Years pajama party. She says she doesn’t want to leave her label she just wants to negotiate a new fair deal.

Watch the interview below!