Tory Lanez Launches ‘Tory Lanez Dream City Fund’ Providing Meals and Diapers During Pandemic

Today, Grammy-nominated rapper, singer and producer, Tory Lanez, alongside his own The Dream City Project, founded with his father and aimed at helping inspire and mentor the youth, team up with the Dream Center, a charitable organization that provides support to struggling families, individuals, and communities on a daily basis, to launch the Tory Lanez Dream City Fund benefitting COVID-19 relief efforts.

Due to the overwhelming success of his #1 IG live show “Quarantine Radio” and record-breaking 360K+ viewership, Lanez felt it was his responsibility to support underserved communities while having such a captive audience, which is near and dear to Lanez who experienced being homeless some nights as a youth. Lanez will encourage his fans to join him in a call to action to give back to those who are suffering as a result of the pandemic. All the proceeds raised by his fund will go towards providing meals and diapers, which is important to him as a father to his young son Kai, to meet the immediate needs of those affected in Los Angeles and communities nationwide. 

To kick off the launch, Lanez pledges a personal donation towards the first 50,000 diapers, which has been matched by Amazon Music, to cover the cost of the first 100,000 diapers. This marks the first giveback initiative Lanez is doing with The Dream City Project, an organization founded by Lanez and his father Sonstar, aimed at helping inspire and mentor the youth by building programs, facilities, and essentially opportunities for them to grow, learn and be motivated towards positivity. 

During the pandemic, there has been an overwhelming need for everyday resources such as diapers, especially sizes 4 to 6 at the Los Angeles Dream Center on a daily basis. With only limited quantities of diaper donations, the Tory Lanez Dream City Fund will additionally cover meal distribution on-site through walk-ups and drive-thru at select Dream Center locations nationwide, home deliveries to the most vulnerable within the community including senior citizens, and at mobile food banks at community sites, like Nickerson Gardens and Skid Row.

Lanez recently released The New Toronto 3, the latest installment in Lanez’s rap-leaning ‘The New Toronto’ series, which includes chart-topping singles “Who Needs Love,” “Do The Most,” and “Broke In A Minute.” Lanez continues his success with #1 record-breaking IG live show “Quarantine Radio,” that’s seen 360K+ viewers tuning in to date. 

Celebrities such as Lizzo, Tiffany Haddish, Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Steve Aoki, Timbaland, and DMX have made guest appearances, while The Weeknd, Diddy, Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Rob Kardashian, Nate Robinson, Tinashe and thousands of others are tuning in to watch Tory. Lanez recently took over Tik Tok’s #HappyAtHome live-streaming series on Friday, April 10th, and set a record garnering 70K live viewers during his interactive DJ set in celebration of his new project TNT3. With Lanez’s live-streaming success, he has gained 2.4 million Instagram followers in less than 30 days plus a 90% boost in YouTube subscribers.

Donate Direct to The Tory Lanez Dream City Fund HERE