Val Demings Preferred As Joe Biden’s VP Choice In A Washington Post Opinion Editorial

Last month, U.S. Representative Val Demings said in a Live Interview with The Source Magazine that she would accept former Vice President Joe Biden’s offer to be a running mate if he offered.

Today in an Op-Ed on The Washington Post, Florida Rep. Demings was cited as person’s coalition’s pick for Biden with the ability to enhance his candidacy with the working class. In her past, Demings served as a police chief, which could appeal to the blue-collar Democrats while also adding key demographics in voting.

“I had the opportunity to work my way up through the ranks at the Orlando police department. Served as a social worker with broken families and broken children,” Demings said to attorney and owner of The Source, L. Londell McMillan. “Now I am a member of Congress, I serve on some pretty powerful committees. I have on the ground, real-life crisis management. Tell it like it is, hold no punches, unapologetic for it. I have real-life experience I would bring to the ticket.

The Post notes an alignment in policy and would not compromise her beliefs, as she is in the middle of the house Democrats. Some also note that Demings would provide the flexibility for Biden to hurdle some issues like the 1994 crime bill, in order to support future initiatives.

“I just believe that history calls for an African-American woman to be selected to run on the ticket,” Demings said. “You can’t just continue to say that Black women are the backbone of the Democratic party, well ok, that’s fine, but the backbone should have its privileges.”

You can read the entire piece by The Washington Post here.