[WATCH] American Idol’ Alum Syesha Mercado Finally Reunited With Son After CPS ‘Kidnapping’

American Idol alum Syesha Mercado has finally been reunited with her son Amen’ra after he was taken from them following a routine checkup at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Syesha shared the momentous occasion on Instagram, posting a video of her young son in the backseat of their car while her partner Tyron Deneer drove them home. “AMEN’RA IS OFFICIALLY HOME!!!” she wrote in the caption. Finally able to bring their child home after an unfair separation, Syesha smiled from ear-to-ear as they drove their son to his own home.

Syesha’s son and daughter were both taken from her over reported “health concerns” related to suspicions of malnutrition. Amen’ra was 15 months old at the time and her daughter, Asset Sba, was just 16-days-old. Their story went viral and after gaining their children back they expressed it’s still not over. They still have 6 months of oversight by child protection services. 

“We’ve been judged on the way we look, the way we present ourselves. We’ve been criminalized. We had our son and daughter removed from us for lack of understanding.” The couple regained custody of their daughter in August. Deneer shared the uplifting news via video on social media. “We want to say thank you, because of y’all, that my family has had the proper support to get the best attorneys in the country to be able to bring justice. Asset is back!” And now they have Amen’ra back they announced they are ready to hold all individuals involved responsible.

Let’s continue to watch, and protect this young family.