DLG. Unveils Dreamy Second EP Of His ‘2 on 2’ Series

From the musically gifted Dave De La Garza, DLG. is a rising artist out of LA that is making waves with his one-of-a-kind sound. Inspired by a variety of iconic acts, such as Mac Miller, Glass Animals, and Jungle, DLG. has already racked up over 40 million collective streams and more than half a million monthly Spotify listeners. Additionally, he has been featured in top-tier playlists and TV shows, from New Music Friday and Lowkey to HBO’s Sex Lives of College Girls and Netflix’s You.

Delivering a thrilling new concept to the realm of music, DLG. has returned for the second installment of his “2 on 2” project. This series aims to put out two riveting tracks on the second day of each month, having started in March. DLG.’s EP APRIL signals round two of the sequence, boasting collabs with Cristian jay on “CALL ME SELFISH” and “BACKROADS”.

Supplying lush indie soundscapes, the lead single “CALL ME SELFISH” contains tantalizing lyrics and resonating sequences of guitar chords. Equally chilling is the other half of APRIL, “BACKWARDS”. This stunning auditory masterpiece is centered around a trance-inducing display of vocals and a more energetic beat. Showcasing DLG. and Cristian’s unique skill sets and creativity, APRIL is just a preview of DLG.’s 2023 as he prepares for next month’s “2 on 2” release.