Kartypartyy & Cyrus Gold Break Boundaries with Their Dynamic Collaboration ‘No More Lies’

Kartypartyy, the Bangkok-based bass DJ credited with introducing Thailand to bass music in 2016, has teamed up with Cyrus Gold, the boundary-pushing Hong Kong producer acclaimed for blending dubstep, future bass, trap, and mainstream pop. Their collaborative masterpiece, “No More Lies”, presents a surprising fusion of melodic bass, rock, and expressive vocals from FUNN, redefining dubstep, future, and melodic bass genres.

The track, released on June 23rd via Barong Family, oscillates between soothing melodies and pulsating dubstep signatures, offering a moving and powerful auditory experience. “No More Lies” is expected to send shockwaves through club shows and festivals worldwide.

Despite the scarcity of a thriving bass music culture in Hong Kong, Cyrus Gold has gained international recognition, receiving support from labels like Rude Service and Subsidia, and sharing stages with prominent bass music artists. Their collaboration heralds a new era in bass music.