The Fur & YVO Team Up On Charming Pop Release ‘We’re going under’

If you’re looking for a poppy, upbeat tune to put a spring in your step, look no further. The Fur’s new single, “We’re Going Under,” is just what the doctor ordered. This cheery and charming melody, fresh out of Sweden, will make your heart dance.

The Fur is an artist, songwriter, and producer who’s been making waves in the music industry ever since his debut in June 2021. Hailing from the same nation that brought us the likes of Zara Larsson, ABBA, and Avicii, he’s no stranger to the power of a catchy beat.

“We’re Going Under” is the first installment from his debut album, and it’s a peek into The Fur’s vibrant musical soul. This synth-driven, fun-filled gem sees Yvo’s vocals dancing atop the track, the chemistry between the artists sizzling through your speakers.

A fascinating element of the track is its exploration of the lightness that can follow breakups. Rather than wallowing in sadness, it depicts a journey to newfound happiness and liberation. But it’s not just the lyrics that take you on a journey; the music does too. Inspired by Coldplay, a delicate piano intro blooms into a high-energy synth pop track that’s sure to get your toes tapping. The saxophone solo by Wojtek Goral, who also featured on The Weeknd’s ‘In Your Eyes’, adds a cherry on top.

Bottom line, “We’re Going Under” is a modern-day pop hit with enough high octane synths and rhythms to turn your day around. Give it a spin now and ready to get stuck in your head.