Feint & MYLK Unleash Drum And Bass Infused ‘Beyond’

Feint and MYLK, two prominent figures in the electronic music community, have released a new drum and bass single titled “Beyond.” This high-energy track showcases their expert craftsmanship and innovative sound design, adding another commendable entry to their musical oeuvre.

“Beyond” is characterized by its fast-paced percussion work, which serves as the engine of the track. This rhythmic foundation pushes the track forward, driving it with an irresistible energy. The production highlights intricate details, layering each element to create a rich, complex sound.

Feint, a UK-based artist with over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, has made a name for himself with years of experience and many well-received releases. MYLK, also hailing from the UK, is like few artists out there, boasting a Kawaii influence blended with dance music, she’s a breath of fresh air within dance music culture.

With “Beyond,” Feint and MYLK continue their musical journey, once again showcasing a rich song easy to return to again and again