James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal buys back Disco Donnie Presents from Livestyle.

Electronic music festival pioneer James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal has announced that he has re-acquired sole ownership of Disco Donnie Presents (DDP), the namesake company he founded 26 years ago. This historic acquisition comes after Disco Donnie became the first company acquired by SFX. Disco Donnie then survived SFX’s subsequent bankruptcy, becoming a part of LiveStyle.  

In the wake of scores of corporate acquisitions by Live Nation, AEG and SFX, Disco Donnie is making a name for himself yet again by purchasing his business back in the midst of such uncertain times given the COVID-19 pandemic. Disco Donnie Presents brings along a strong portfolio of festival brands with it in its newfound independence, including Ubbi Dubbi, Sunset Music Festival, and Freaky Deaky Texas. As DDP maneuvers through the challenges associated with the COVID pandemic, the company’s current plan is to deliver two festivals in 2020, Sunset 2.0 and Ubbi Dubbi Gets Freaky Deaky Texas. 

DDP originated in 1994 in New Orleans, and the brand steadily grew its footprint as an independent promoter in secondary markets by bringing top-tier electronic performers to cities like New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Tampa, and Houston. Now that the brand is back with its creator, Estopinal will prove himself and the company again as a live event powerhouse. Disco Donnie Presents directly contributed to the rise in popularity of electronic music worldwide, and given its newfound freedom, one can only expect DDP to continue delivering top notch entertainment as one of the leading promoters in electronic music anywhere. 

Photo credit: Rukes