Blanke makes second Monstercat round of 2023 on ‘Talk To You’ with Sofia Quinn

Blanke is back on Monstercat once more this year. At the height of his Earth To the Stars tour, Blanke made his 2023 introduction—after a proper release of his “Laserbeam” ÆON:REMIX—on a four-headed powerhouse of a pairing alongside helloworld, Luma, and JT Roach. Fast forward two months and Blanke has reunited with Monstercat—following an announcement that he’d be returning to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this May—for the delivery of “Talk To You” beside Sofia Quinn.

“Talk To You” is yet another heartfelt outing from Blanke, anchoring down with emotion-heavy vocals as he expands on rapidly growing melodic discography. Blanke’s latest links its rapturous peaks with Quinn’s lyricism and the melody into a seamless wave of sound that further solidify Blanke’s status as one of dance music’s most well-rounded talents. “Talk To You” wraps listeners around its sonic finger from start to finish, creating a surreal experience as a whole. Stream it in its entirety below.

Featured image: Anthony Chuang