Louis Futon announces sophomore album alongside uplifting single, ‘Ron Burgundy’

Louis Futon has just revealed his sophomore LP Couchsurfing is in the works, sharing lead single “Ron Burgundy” to kick off the album’s rollout. Since the success of his debut album Way Back When, Futon has been steadily emitting soulful tunes and “Ron Burgundy” proves to be no different, signaling to a forthcoming album that’s likely to be an idiosyncratic blend of enlivening textures and production work.

Originally toying with samples of tracks from the 1980’s, Futon opted to called upon friends Hailey Niswanger and Ariel Shrum for their fanciful trumpet, flute and saxophone capabilities and thus “Ron Burgundy” was born. The final product is riddled with cheerful melodies, syncopated drum kicks, and a high-spirited energy that primes fans for a tasty collection of new works from Futon underway. Sharing his experience producing the track, Futon explains,

“‘Ron Burgundy’ is a track that sounds so uplifting and happy that it’s almost comical. The flute in the song reminded me of the scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy whips out his flute in a jazz club and starts ripping it.”

Joining the release is an equally fun music video alongside Shrum and Niswanger. Abstract and full of color, the video perfectly aligns with the merriment of the song, providing further evidence that this first single is a clear look into what Futon has in store for fans with Couchsurfing.