Benzino Demands LGBTQ+ Community Stop Flirting With Him: ‘I’m Not Flattered’


Benzino is fed up with people in the LGBTQ+ community flirting ith him and has issued an announcement on social media to leave him alone.

On Friday, the former Made Men rapper took to Twitter to denounce anyone flirting with him who doesn’t identify as a heterosexual woman. While he admitted he “respected” the community, he added that he wasn’t flattered because he himself is not part of it.

“Attention to all in the LGBTQ, abcd!!!” Benzino began in the since-deleted series of tweets. “I respect y’all’s movement and your decision to be who you want to be BUT STOP THE WEIRD SHIT WITH THE COMMENTS AND FLIRTING. I’M NOT FUCKING FLATTERED BECAUSE I’M NOT GAY!! RESPECT THAT SHIT AS I RESPECT WHO YOU ARE!!”


After apparently being called out for several rumors, the former Love & Hip-Hop star came with receipts of a few of the comments he’s gotten. “Wtf I gotta lie to y’all for? Yall weird asf!” he wrote. “There’s WAY more but twitter only allows 4 pics at a time.”

He then doubled down on his statements. “Fuck y’all mad at me for?? Cause I ain’t wit that shit?” he asked. “I know it ain’t all gays & not all gay men are disrespectful but it’s a lot who are, it’s been going on for awhile. I don’t wanna see that on my timeline. Just respect that. I’m straight, and idgaf about none y’all comments.”
Check out his post and delete below.