Political Pundit Candace Owens Says She Was Stopped By Police For Not Wearing Mask in Whole Foods

Republican activist Candace Owens and her husband were stopped by police on Tuesday (April 14) for not wearing face-covering masks while in Whole Foods in Washington D.C. and Owens is livid.

Owens took to Twitter, saying that she was unaware of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s mandate issued April 8 that required all residents to wear face-covering while in public. Owens and her British-born husband George Farmer we forced to wear masks, with the officer approaching the couple, telling them, “You guys have to wear your masks.”

Owens is alleging that the measures being put forth into American society to flatten the Coronavirus curve are “spiraling into tyranny” and claims she and her husband then had to partake in an absurd charade of holding their clothing up to their faces while having to pick up items in the store.

The conservative commentator complained, “We must’ve been in the store for like, four minutes picking some stuff, and the police officer chases me down and she says that she’s getting complaints that I don’t have a mask on.”

Owens went on to explain how the Coronavirus safety measures, such as self-quarantining and protective face wear, “doesn’t make sense” because D.C. has only 68 deaths from COVID-19 compared to other cities like New York, which has recorded more than 11,000 deaths.