RZA Drops New EP of Guided Meditation Tracks for Creatives

RZA is without a doubt a master of many talents which is nothing short of his genuine creativity. In support of fellow creatives, right on Wu Wednesday, the abbot of the Wu-Tang Clan dropped a new EP titled Guided Explorations. The five-track EP is a part of a collaborative effort with premiere herbal tea TAZO, where RZA is stationed as the listener’s calming guide to revelation.

The five tracks are strategically formulated to help aspiring creatives breakthrough any burden that may be preventing them from access to their core intuition through the act of meditation.

In a recent interview with Forbes, RZA broke down the purpose behind the creation of the meditative album which the “Triumph” producer revealed was burgeoned by his ability to inspire.

“I’m at the phase in my life where I think the best thing I could do is inspire, whether that’s inspiring some kid from my neighborhood who thinks they’ll never make it out; [or] inspiring someone who picked up a guitar and is frustrated, feeling like the dexterity of his fingers won’t ever get there to hold the chord; or some writer who thinks that they’ll never write anything good because they don’t have the time and they’ve gotta chase the dime. I’m looking to inspire and break that stagnation from other artists and other creative minds.” said RZA.

RZA’s collaboration is not just limited to an EP. Accompanying the gem will be two-day camping retreat called Camp TAZO, where adults will spend time with the Wu icon practicing key measures to help them unlock their creative potential ultimately serving pure zen. The camp is set to take place in Staten Island, his respective stomping grounds.

While RZA has philosophical grounding with the teachings of the Five Percent Nation, he also shares an understanding with Taoism, which inspired his book The Tao of the Wu.

Guided Explorations is currently available for grabs on Spotify and Apple Music